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Torp Airport is not the largest, but it is a modern international airport, which is located northeast of the Norwegian city of Sandefjord. For those who are unfamiliar with the geography of Norway, the best reference point is Oslo. Torp Airport is located 110 km south of Oslo. It accepts both domestic and international flights and is quite popular among tourists who come to Norway primarily for a ski holiday.

Trysil is a sacred word for lovers of slalom and skiing. This is the most famous and largest ski resort in Norway, famous among other things for the fact that the Norwegian national ski team even trains here. The resort delights all its visitors, from children and beginners who have tried skiing for the first time, to experienced professionals, fans of freeride and downhill skiing. For the latter, there is a special skiing area. Here you can even arrange a morning skiing on virgin snow – a risky and dangerous pastime for those for whom skiing has become a real extension of their own legs.
In total, Mount Trysil, after which the resort is named, has four ski areas. They are located on three slopes. The season lasts from mid-November to the end of April.

How to get from Torp Airport to Trysil?

For those tourists who want to spend their holidays enjoying the Trysil ski resort, it can be frustrating that the road from Thorpe Airport to the resort is quite long. In addition, there is no direct communication between these points. It is necessary to change several buses or transfer from bus to train, and then back to bus. The journey takes at least about 6 hours, and if there is some delay along the way and you did not have time to make a transfer on time, you can wait an extra 2-3 hours. Such hassles associated with getting to the resort can seriously spoil the impression of your vacation.
The most optimal solution, which will save a significant amount of time, would be to order a personal transfer service from our company. In this case, the entire journey from Torp to Trysil will be completed in a maximum of 4 hours. We offer our clients highly qualified English-speaking drivers in a strict uniform, business class Mercedes cars no older than 3 years old, without identification marks. During the trip, you can use the drinking water, wet wipes, and medical masks provided in each car. Drivers assist with loading and unloading luggage, and can also meet you at the airport with a name plate so you don’t have to look for a car in the parking lot. Contact us by e-mail, or by phone +47-939-38-766.