Most tourists come to Trysil to spend time on its mountain slopes, skiing and snowboarding. But we believe that every visitor to this ski resort must definitely inspect the city itself and its surroundings. But how can this be done as exciting and fast as possible if the vacation time is limited? The answer is simple. Book a snowmobile excursion! We are sure you have not experienced this before.

Just imagine how much pleasure you will get during a snowmobile excursion: all the surroundings are at a glance, magnificent landscapes open up to your eyes, and you are not tired at all because you do not need to walk. In addition, riding a snowmobile is always a very fun pastime, so such an experience is definitely unforgettable. Snowmobile excursion to the mountains will give you an amazing experience for a lifetime!

A snowmobile tour can take place either with or without a guide. The duration of the tour usually does not exceed three hours. The cost is about NOK 1700, with patrol included. The tour is conducted in the case when at least 3 snowmobiles are rented, that is, the group includes 6 people. If less, then you will have to pay extra. Important note: in order to get on such an excursion and enjoy the beauty of Trysil, you need to have documents and driver’s license that allow you to drive a snowmobile.
For Moose and scoter safari contact directly +47-95998119

Organizing a snowmobile excursion in Trysil will be much easier for you if you use the services of our company. We will provide you with a list of snowmobile bases conducting such tours, and, of course, we will help in organizing the transfer. Our well-groomed, comfortable and presentable cars will allow you to gain strength during a trip to the base and at the end of the snowmobile tour. We care about each client and ensure absolute safety (and, if required, confidentiality) of the trip.