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In Norway the most economically developed area of country is the capital Oslo. The whole city is one solid historical center with ancient, atmospheric neighborhoods, squares, architecture. The special charm of Oslo is that historical buildings are not restored to the ideal, and this is a peculiar charm of local landscapes. This is not a city in which spirituality, culture and pretentiousness are displayed, rather, it is about sincerity and simplicity.

Oslo is considered a fairly rich city in Norway. One of the most enjoyable parts of the trip is Norwegian cuisine. If you want to go to a small cafe, then you just need to find a translation application. You can dine at a table with strangers, and that’s fine. Most locals speak English, but try to remember a few phrases in Norwegian.

Trysil is a famous ski resort, the largest in Norway, which is located on three slopes of Mount Trysil. The height difference here reaches almost 700 meters, and the number of trails is 66. The resort has 31 lifts. Trysil is distinguished by the fact that the season here begins in mid-November, when stable snow cover has not yet been established in other resorts. This is facilitated by an artificial snowmaking system, one of the most advanced in Northern Europe.

The resort is popular both among fans of family holidays and among professionals, since it is divided into two main ski areas – the first for amateurs and the second for those who feel confident in skiing and for professionals.

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In order to make the trip as comfortable as possible, and to ensure that the car arrives without delays, it is advisable to contact us at least one day before the date of the planned trip.

Using our service of personal transfer from Oslo to Trysil means saving a significant amount of time, because a trip by car, especially with a driver familiar with the peculiarities of the country’s road network, is only a little more than 2.5 hours. Meanwhile, a direct bus from Oslo Airport to Trysil takes almost 3.5 hours, and the journey by train with a transfer to a bus can take all of four hours.

By ordering personal transport from our company from any point in Oslo or Trysil, you will save yourself from any additional hassle associated with the trip: from the need to find out the public transport schedule and adjust your schedule to it, from waiting for transfers and fussing with luggage.