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When it comes to ordering a taxi, most people are accustomed to thinking about a short trip lasting from 15 minutes to an hour, usually within the same city. Of course, the share of such trips is very large, but we should not forget about long-distance trips. Not every citizen of Norway, for example, has his own car, because the country advocates for reducing environmental pollution, and the most popular form of transport here is a bicycle. In addition, many people come to Norway as tourists and are also faced with the need to travel long distances – for example, from Oslo to the Trysil ski resort. At the same time, even if tourists have a valid driver’s license in Norway, during their vacation they don’t always want to take on the duties of a taxi driver and transport the entire family or group of friends from the hotel or port to the resort. In addition, it should not be forgotten that not all people, in principle, know how or like to drive a car; for many, it is much more convenient to shift the responsibility for transportation to professionals.

Oslo is the capital of Norway, which most tourists consider it their duty to visit, even if the main purpose of their trip is a ski holiday at the famous Trysil resort or a trip to the fjords. The lion’s share of tourist passenger traffic arrives in Oslo, an amazing city whose history goes back for a thousand years and which has experienced almost complete rise and was rebuilt several times.

Personal transfer services from the Oslo airport and hotels to the Trysil ski resort are in demand not only among foreign tourists, but also among those Norwegians who go on vacation to the marvelous snow-capped slopes of Mount Trysil from the Norwegian capital.

If the starting point of your trip is the airport, we will deliver the car directly to the gate so that you do not have to spend time looking for the right car in the parking lot. Our driver will meet you with a name sign and help you load your luggage into the car. We work with both Oslo airports – Torp and Gardermoen.

If you plan to spend some time in the capital to get acquainted with its sights, and only later head to Trysil, then we can pick you up from anywhere in the city – for example, from a hotel, the house of your friends, a cafe or bar. The trip from Oslo to the resort of Trysil, famous for its picturesque slopes, will take only about two and a half hours, which you will spend in the comfortable cabin of a Mercedes business class car. All our cars do not have the identification marks typical of taxis, and the drivers are dressed in a strict uniform.